The Kids Are Alright
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"The Kids Are Alright” features Jesse Miller, an expert educator of social media, digital citizenship and mobile technology to both children and adults. Through candid conversation with podcast producer and parent Laurie Case they help break down some of the most perplexing issues facing anyone trying to guide their youngster through the complex world of new media and technology. They talk to experts, they break down current issues, they answer questions and they riff about their own experiences and concerns with their kids around technology and social media. Jesse is a smart guy and Laurie is a perplexed parent - so together they make a terrific duo.

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    Crime and Technology and Kids

    We have conversation with Sgt Lindsey Houghton of the “Combined Forces Special Enforcement Unit of British Columbia” and discuss how crime uses technology to get to our kids.

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    The Broadcast Child

    A conversation about the risks and benefits of children being posted and published online.

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    Social Media & Distractions

    An important conversation about what social media means. We tackle parents’ biggest questions: how does my child use it and why?

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    Pioneering Parents

    Jesse and Laurie kick off the series with a big picture discussion about kids and technology and what parenting these days looks like around these topics.